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Real Experiences, Amazing Results

"Shani is a consummate and accomplished Pilates instructor whose skills and professionalism are outstanding. Her proficient, thoughtful, personal interaction client make each Pilates session rewarding and constructive. 

Shani’s home visits are exceptionally convenient and she brings all the equipment and know how necessary to make the sessions effective and valuable.   After an initial consultation and a one on one in depth conversation with me, Shani created  a unique individualized template based on the my needs and requirements.    As sessions progress, Shani adjusted and modified exercises according to the my progress, while remaining true to the Pilates format. 

I have felt great improvement in my body strength and function (and awareness of parts of my body I never knew existed!) and which have improved my balance, walking, alignment and posture. I am grateful to have found Shani and thank her for improving my body strength and overall feeling of well being."           


 Dr. H. Mandel

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